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Nature's Own Meets Local Call Maker...

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ORDER your SkitzO Call Today by E-mail!Recently I shared with you a story of a hunting experience in a quest of Canada Geese with my son and a local guide in our area. I briefly touched on the fact that he was a call maker and had really created some beautiful sounding calls. I asked Mike to share with me how he got started and how he became so passionate. Mike quickly responded with:

As for where this all began...

“I can still smell the moldy musk of that concrete pit. My first goose hunt, in the World Famous Southern Illinois Goose Quota Zone, to be exact Olive Branch. As the sun came up and the birds started to move. I can still picture that lone bird as it crossed Ill. Rt. 3, and came directly for us. I remember it like it was just moments ago. Just as the bird crossed the tree line of the refuge. It locked its wings, and sailed from there on in. As it circled the decoys for the third time on that final glide, the guide said… in-between notes on his old wood goose call. Take him, with those words I rose from my very unstable platform of milk crates and shouldered my gun. Fired once, and didn’t touch a feather, with a smooth pump of that shot gun, I was reloaded and fired once more. It was like the bird hit a brick wall. I believe I probably would have beaten any champion Labrador retriever to the bird that morning. After hunting and guiding for over 20 years, and calling the shot on hundreds of birds. The passion has not faded. I was once asked by a client, “What makes a man so passionate for our sport of water fowling?” Just shortly after landing a large group of geese within feet of our blind. I said to him, “Those last 5 seconds.”

Michael J. Plein
SkitzO Calls

Product Profile:

1. G-Tox Made out of all colors of Acrylic, along with Hedge, Bocote, Coca-Bola, and African Black Wood. The goose call built with the goose hunter in mind. Designed for ease of operation.

2. The Cackler Short, Compact and Loud. Just like those little yappy mouthed, short necked cousins of our local giants.

3. Bio-Hazzard A very responsive call designed with years of Contest Calling experience. Not for the faint of heart. “Must be handled with Care”

Skitzo Comback Acrylic.wav

Skitzo Greeting Acrylic.wav

Skitzo Laydown Acrylic.wav

Contact Information:
Mike Plein
SkitzO Calls
3200 N. 16780 E. Rd.
Momence, IL 60954
815) 214-8398


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