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Nature's Own Enjoys Fast Actioned Goose Hunting


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ORDER your SkitzO Call Today by E-mail!If you have never hunted geese with Torino Hunt Club in the fields surrounding the Braidwood, IL cooling lakes..........it is hard to realize how much fun it is to see hundreds of birds over head at one time.

We were lying in ground blinds nestled amongst corn stubble with guide Mike Plein of Torino Hunt Club. It was cold, cloudy and wet, we arrived at the field dawned our gear while Mike took the truck and trailer into the field with the decoys. Tyler (my 14 year old son), Mike and I laid out the spread along with Slim and Avery our two trusty labs, Slim a seasoned veteran while Avery was on her maiden goose trip. We were prepared to welcome the geese that would soon be leaving their roosting areas on the cooling lakes in search of areas to feed, which we had conveniently placed ourselves amongst. The work is done and now it is time to lie back in the field and wait for the geese.

Waiting for the sun to come up is the same in any type of hunting. As you know, it can seemingly take forever, but shortly the sun's glow peaked over the horizon and the sky was filled with black specks headed in all directions. Mike began to talk to these geese with his “SkitzO” call in a fashion that immediately seems to lull them toward our spread. In a matter of minutes the specks took form and the unforgettable sound of approaching geese was upon us. The geese were on final approach when Mike said "take them" the quiet morning was interrupted with the roar of 3 inch magnums ringing out of our barrels. Well, more flew away than were still with us however there was a goose on the ground for almost each shell that had been fired; we were closing in on our limit within 30 minutes of arriving in the field. While this is certainly not the norm, it was a fantastic time a field for us all. The second volley of birds finished us up.

This was Avery’s first goose hunt and I am not sure she knew what to expect, she has spent her days a field in quest of pheasants, this goose hunting was an exciting new experience for her. Tyler and I have hunted geese before, but rarely have had the opportunity to experience such a quality hunting time a field like we had with the folks of the Torino Hunt Club. This scenario repeated itself over and over again as we watched in amazement and never fired another shot. At 8:30 am, Mike suggested, we pick -up our gear and move out for another group to move in. The geese had awestruck us and it was time to let someone else be part of this beautiful morning. It had been one of the best goose hunts I have ever experienced and there was still more hunting to come with Torino Hunt Club.

After retreating back to the club house with our guide and quarry it became evident to me that our guide appeared to be an exceptional caller. When I questioned Mike on his abilities he humbly admitted to me that he had been competition calling for a number of years and actually was the manufacturer of the calls he had been using. In amazement of his quiet demeanor it was now quite clear what had happened that morning. A great hunt club, a world class goose caller and an area that is destined for a local hot spot where geese abound. I would strongly encourage anyone looking for a great hunting adventure to visit www.torinohuntclub.com (815)482-4921 or if you are looking for a hand made call from someone that is passionate about geese give Mike Plein a call at (815)214-8398 or email him at bandhungrie@hotmail.com to order one of these amazing calls. Mike offers several calls the “G-Tox”, “Cackler” and the new “Bio-Hazzard” available in some beautiful acrylic colors as well as some exotic woods making these calls some real pieces of beauty, not to mention their amazing sounds they produce.

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